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Vegan Dishes

Many of the dishes on our menu have a Vegan option.

Please ask and we’ll let you know what’s available.


All starters garnished with a salad.

Chicken Tikka Puri  £7.95

Marinated chicken cooked in a thick bhuna sauce, tomato, garlic and fenugreek, served with a fried puri bread.

Somosa Trio  £5.50

Triangular shaped filo pastry stuffed with spicy chicken, lamb and vegetables.

Onion Pakora  £5.50

Chopped onion, potato, lentils, green herbs, shaped and deep fried.

Murgi or Gosth Tikka  £5.95 / £6.95

Diced breast of chicken or lamb, marinated in fresh herbs, spices and charcoal roasted in a clay oven.

Tandoori Platter (For 2)  £15.95

Combination of marinated chicken, lamb and sheek kebab.

Chilli Chicken  £6.95

Marinated chicken, cooked in a thai sweet chilli sauce, onion, fresh green chilli, coriander, garlic and lemon zest.

Sheek Kebab  £5.95

Lamb mince meat, seasoned with ginger, coriander and ground spices, roasted in a clay oven.

Garlic Mushrooms  £5.50

Pan fried in olive oil with sliced garlic, turmeric and garlic butter, garnished with fenugreek and coriander.

Garlic Chicken £5.95

Pan fried in olive oil with sliced garlic, turmeric, tomatoes and garlic butter garnished with fenugreek and coriander.

Paneer Chilli  £5.95

Strips of light Indian cheese lightly fried, cooked in sweet chilli, green chilli, onion, peppers and tomato garnished with coriander.

Main Courses - Lamb and Chicken

Murgi Makani  £9.95

Marinated chicken cooked with cucumber, lightly spiced with a sweet cream and almond sauce. Includes nuts.

Murgi Shath Kora  £9.95

Chicken breast cooked with Bengal bitter lemon, lightly spiced with coriander and fenugreek.

Coriander Murgi  £9.95

Chicken cooked in a ginger and garlic paste, fresh coriander and cumin, a medium spiced dish.

Karai Chicken  £9.95
Karai Lamb  £11.95

Chicken or lamb cooked in a thick sauce, bay leaf and cinnamon, coriander seeds and onions, slightly spicy.

Morich Masala  £11.95

Chicken tikka cooked with minced lamb, onions, green chilli and coriander. Medium to madras hot.

Saag Roshun Chicken  £9.95
Saag Roshun Lamb  £11.95

Marinated chicken or lamb, cooked in  garlic coriander and spinach. Medium spiced.

Tikka Paneer Chicken  £9.95
Tikka Paneer Lamb  £11.95

Marinated chicken or lamb, cooked with a light Indian cheese in a bhuna sauce, topped with grated cheese.

Chat Moza Chicken  £9.95
Chat Moza Lamb  £11.95

Marinated chicken or lamb, madras hot, prepared in chat masala, hot sweet and sour.

Murgi Tikka Curry  £9.95

Chicken tikka cooked in pan fried tomatoes, ground almond and cream, garnished with coriander. Very mild dish.

Keema Aloo Bhuna  £11.95

Lamb minced meat cooked with finely chopped onions, potato and tomatoes in mixed ground spices and bayleaf garnished with coriander.

Chilli Chicken  £10.95

Marinated chicken, cooked in a sweet thai chilli sauce, fresh green chilli, coriander, garlic and lemon zest.

Main Courses - Seafood

King Prawn Chilli Bhuna £14.95

Large sized king prawns cooked in a madras hot bhuna curry, flavoured with a Bengal naga chilli pickle.

King Prawn Dhal  £14.95

King prawns cooked in a lentil bhuna sauce with spiced potato, slightly hot.

King Prawn Saag  £14.95

Large sized king prawns marinated in tandoori spices and roasted in a clay oven. Lightly spiced spinach cooked with onion, garlic and peppers.

Chilli King Prawn  £14.95

King prawns with onion and peppers, cooked in a sweet thai chilli sauce, fresh  green chilli, coriander, garlic and lemon zest.

Main Courses - Tandoori

Tandoori dishes are usually served dry with pan fried onions, peppers and tomato.

Murgi or Gosth Tikka
£10.95 / £12.95

Diced pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in tikka spices, yoghurt, coriander and ground spices roasted in a clay oven.

Mixed Grill  £16.95

A combination of chicken, lamb, king prawn and sheek kebab.

Murgi or Gosth Shaslick
£11.95 / £13.95

Diced chicken or lamb marinated in tikka spices, skewered with onions, peppers and tomatoes served on a sizzling platter.

Ginger & Chilli Chicken Bhuna

Diced chicken cooked with chopped onions, bayleaf, green chilli and ginger. Topped with spring onion and cucumber.

Main Courses - Traditional Dishes

Jalfrezi Chicken  £9.95
Jalfrezi Lamb  £11.95
Jalfrezi King Prawn  £14.95

Chopped onions, peppers and green chillies giving a madras hot flavour.

Masala Chicken  £9.95
Masala Lamb  £11.95
Masala King Prawn  £14.95

A mild cream based curry, cooked with tandoori spices, mint, yoghurt, coriander and ground mixed nuts. Includes nuts.

Kurma Chicken  £9.95
Kurma Lamb £11.95
Kurma King Prawn  £14.95

For the mild curry lover, a blend of cream, coconut and light herbs cooked with bayleaf and cassia bark.

Dupiaza Chicken  £9.95
Dupiaza Lamb  £11.95
Dupiaza King Prawn  £14.95

Coarsely chopped onions and peppers, mixed spices and coriander seed.

Bhuna Chicken  £9.95
Bhuna Lamb  £11.95
Bhuna King Prawn  £14.95

Traditional Bengal curry, medium spiced, finely chopped onions, tomato, bayleaf.

Pathia Chicken  £9.95
Pathia Lamb  £11.95
Pathia King Prawn  £14.95

Pureed lentils and tomato, lemon zest and coriander, hot sweet and sour.

Rogon Josh Chicken  £9.95
Rogon Josh Lamb  £11.95
Rogon Josh King Prawn  £14.95

Lightly spiced curry topped with garlic, chilli and pureed tomatoes.

Tikka Masala Chicken £9.95
Tikka Masala Lamb £11.95
Tikka Masala King Prawn £14.95

A mild yoghurt based curry with tandoori spices, mint, corriander & ground nuts.

Garlic Chicken  £9.95
Garlic Lamb  £11.95
Garlic King Prawn  £14.95

Sliced garlic and onion, lightly spiced and garnished with coriander.

Dansak Chicken  £9.95
Dansak Lamb  £11.95
Dansak King Prawn  £14.95

Finely sliced lemon, green chilli and pureed lentils cooked with pineapple and lemon zest, hot, sweet and sour.

Balti Chicken  £9.95
Balti Lamb  £11.95
Balti King Prawn  £14.95

A light tomato base to this popular curry cooked with onion, tomato and peppers.

Biriani Chicken  £11.95
Biriani Lamb  £12.95
Biriani King Prawn  £15.95

Stir fried infused pilau rice, lightly spiced with turmeric and mixed spice, garnished with coriander. Accompanied with a vegetable curry.

Passanda Chicken  £9.95
Passanda Lamb  £11.95
Passanda King Prawn  £14.95

Lightly spiced mild curry cooked with yoghurt, garam masala, ground mixed nuts and fenugreek. Sweet dish. Includes nuts.

Madras Chicken  £9.95
Madras Lamb  £11.95
Madras King Prawn  £14.95

Hot Indian favourite cooked with green chillies, chill powder, chefs chilli pickle.

Dhal Palak Chicken  £9.95
Dhal Palak Lamb £11.95
Dhal Palak King Prawn  £14.95

Pureed lentils, garlic, tomatoes, spinich and green chilli. Madras hot.

Vegetable Side Orders

All side orders £5.95

Saag Aloo (spinach~potato)

Saag Paneer (spinach~indian cheese)

Tarka Dhall (fried garlic~lentils)

Bombay Aloo (spiced potato)

Aloo Gobi (potato~cauliflower)

Mixed Vegetables



Pilau Rice (basmati)  £3.00

Boiled Rice  £3.00

Egg Fried Rice  £3.50

Mushroom Pilau Rice  £3.95

Tandoori Breads

Plain Naan  £3.00

Garlic Naan  £3.50

Cheese & Garlic Naan  £4.00

Cheese Naan  £4.00

Peshwari Naan  £4.00

Chips  £2.95

Popadoms  £0.70 each

(mint sauce, mango chutney, onion salad, mixed pickle)  £0.70 each

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