Our Food

Using ingredients specific to the South Asian Diaspora, the Golden Moments menu bears the unique advantage of presenting traditional dishes hallmarked with authenticity. The Shathkora for example, is a citrus fruit exclusive to Bangladesh, growing in the warm climes of Sylhet and has long been a staple accompaniment in its raw state to curries, as well as a tasty addition in its cooked form. Our Shathkora dishes capture the essence of Bengali cuisine alongside other Bengali favourites including Keema Aloo Bhuna.

An important element of our cooking is the combination and balance of spices used when creating a dish; a wide array of these spices are carefully blended by our chef and incorporated into every dish to deliver our distinctive flavour.

Our menu is rooted in South Asian history, and signifies the once united regions of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, creating a balanced fusion of South Asian cuisine. Our menu is a reflection of the diverse and rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh, which we proudly embrace and encourage you to share with us through dining here at the Golden Moments.